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Salem Votes Down Third Bridge

Article Courtesy of Salem Reporter
By Troy Brynelson — Salem Reporter 
February 11, 2019 at 9:41pm

Salem City Council has voted to halt the Salem River Crossing in its tracks.

In a 6-3 vote, councilors said they won’t instruct city staff to help state transportation officials complete a sweeping environmental review needed for the project to be built. The move effectively ends the project, which started in 2006.

The defeating motion came from Councilor Tom Andersen, who contended Monday night that the project as blueprinted was too costly, ineffective at treating the city’s congestion problems and “environmentally unsound.”

“No doubt there may be, and there probably will be, a need for another bridge over the Willamette to solve the regional problems — but not this bridge. Not here, not now,” he said.

Councilor Matt Ausec seconded the motion. Councilors Jackie Leung, Cara Kaser, Chris Hoy and Sally Cook voted for it.

Mayor Chuck Bennett and councilors Brad Nanke and Jim Lewis voted against the motion. Nanke, the city’s longest-serving councilor, said he couldn’t find the words to describe how he felt.

“Hopefully this wakes the city up because it shakes me to the core and I’m sure it will do that to a lot of people for many generations as well,” he said.

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City officials disagree on bill aimed at boosting housing availability

By Connor Radnovich, Salem Statesman Journal

A bill geared toward increasing the supply of available "middle housing" came up for its first hearing in committee Monday, with some Oregon city officials celebrating the bill, and others asking for significant changes.


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The South Fork Forest Camp saves Oregon money

Article Courtesy of Oregon Catalyst

Oregon is burning. Standing between you and the heat are many highly dedicated people fighting these fires, among them are an elite group from the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) called Forest Inmate Crew Coordinators (FICCs).