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Who We Are

Healthy Communities Initiative (HCI) is an organization dedicated to improving the local economy, creating jobs and enhancing the livability of the region.  Because we know that an informed community will help achieve these goals, we seek to provide  fact-based information to citizens in the mid-valley region about the issues that matter to them most.

Mid-Valley HCI is a branch of the larger Healthy Communities Initiative project.

Mid-Valley Solutions

Unfortunately, Oregon has not been achieving its goals. Since 1997, Oregon’s per capita income has fallen off pace with the US average. Poverty rates are near the highest in the nation, and unemployment has been hovering above the national average in both good and bad economic times.

To keep our community updated and get our area back on track, we periodically distribute our e-newsletter, Mid-Valley Solutions, which contains occasional updates and ways to get involved.   To view past newsletters, click here.  You may subscribe to our e-newsletter by clicking here.

We hope that those of you who want to work together to build healthy communities in Oregon will take advantage of these resources and tools.

501 (c) 4 Corporate Structure

The corporate entity for Healthy Communities Initiative is a 501 (c)(4) non-profit corporate structure that allows for broad community policy and organizational activity. The corporation functions with a Board of Directors as a governing body. Donations to Healthy Communities Initiative are not tax deductible. Your donation is confidential and is not shared with any private or governmental agency.

Donations can be mailed to:

Healthy Communities Initiative
P.O. Box 7804
Salem, OR 97303