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The “Experts” Know Best. Right?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The authors contend that people on Medicaid could be harmed by treating patients with a particular illness the same way, which will occur with the rules adopted by the Health Evidence Review Commission.

By: Debbie McCabe and Lorren Sandt, The Lund Report

Imagine walking into your doctor’s office and seeing someone else standing there, telling you they get to make the final decision about your healthcare. Instead of doctors and patients making important health decisions, they make the final call.

For those in Oregon’s social safety net, that day is coming. The Health Evidence Review Commission, or HERC, is designed specifically to cut healthcare costs by overriding decisions made by doctors and their patients.

Lane Solutions Replies:

This is the essence of The Progressive Movement. It rests on the assumption that average citizens (or even private doctors) just aren’t smart enough to make the decisions that affect their lives. Because they “just don’t get it,” all government has to do is collect a bunch of “experts” who can make the decisions for them. After all, it’s “For their own good.” Most of the time it’s “For the children.”

So these self-appointed gurus decide what kind of bags we need for our groceries and light bulbs for our houses. They tell us how much water should flow into our toilets and out through our shower heads. They tax us for foods and drinks they say are bad for us. And they give us the medical treatments that are best for us. That’s because they care so much about us.

But with each intrusion of the “Experts” into our lives a bit of freedom disappears. With each decision “For our own good” we have less control of our own lives. Even if it is always “For our own good.”

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