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Golden Fleece Award – Issue 53

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


This week’s Golden Fleece Award, with holly and jingle bells (and maybe the south end of a north bound reindeer) goes to the Oregon Employment Dept. for blowing $6.9 million of your bucks on a software program that didn’t, doesn’t and never will work.

The new software was designed to track hundreds of thousands of unemployment insurance documents from one end of the OED to the other. Notice that we’re refraining from making any jokes about the “other” end of the OED.

Now these guardians of your tax dollars have to spend about another $7 million just to clean up the mess they created, including $340,000 just to get out of the outside contract they awarded in violation of Oregon contracting rules.

Gazing into her crystal ball, OED Director Lisa Nisenfeld wisely predicts, “This is going to be somewhat of a long road.” Really?

And did we mention this is just one of ten screwed up major OED projects that could cost more than $20 million of your bucks to fix?


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