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New Cover Oregon leader promises change

Thursday, May 1, 2014

–  Saerom Yoo, Salem Statesman Journal, Apr. 22, 2014

Cover Oregon’s new interim director Clyde Hamstreet said the state health insurance exchange he is charged with restructuring has committed employees but suffers from a lack of organization…

Our Response & Your Comments

“[L]ack of organization?” We’re shocked! Shocked!

Is he talking about the crew that promised us last September that the Cover Oregon website would be up and running in October? That blew about $200 million on a website that still can’t directly sign up one person? That spent almost $3 million advertising the “website that wasn’t?” That is planning to spend another million telling Oregonians that they have an extra month to sign up? That can’t pay commissions to brokers?

No – Clyde Hamstreet must be talking about someone else. Right?

Link: New Cover Oregon leader promises change



One response to “New Cover Oregon leader promises change”

  1. L.A. says:

    What a surprise – re: lack of organization and much else!!