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We Celebrate 100 issues of Lane Solutions!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Dear Readers – This being issue #100 of Lane Solutions, it’s time to look both back and ahead.

First, we thank you, our readers, who share our concern about the economic health of Lane County and Oregon.

Oregon and Lane County should have booming economies. Why not? We have abundant natural resources, a capable work force and a quality of life many professionals will sacrifice salary dollars to enjoy. There’s no excuse for 16% poverty in Oregon.

But burdensome regulations, high taxes and frivolous litigation form barriers to creating the jobs that eliminate poverty.

We’ll continue to call attention to these barriers and tip our hats to those who, irrespective of party, join us in reducing them.

Again – We thank you and hope you’ll stick around for the next 100 issues!

Sincerely, Your Co-Editors.


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