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UO students, associate professor urge university to unload fossil fuel investments

Thursday, June 30, 2016

 By Diane Dietz The Register-Guard

University of Oregon student activists made their quarterly approach to the Board of Trustees on Thursday to urge divestment in fossil fuels, but this time they got backup from an associate professor.

Michael Dreiling of the sociology department pointed out that the students are honoring the science they learned in UO classes…

Senior environmental studies major Kaia Hazard — a week away from graduation — carried about 1,000 cards with signatures urging divestment…

Eric Jung, a senior in environmental science, biology and political science, said the university has a chance to “do the right thing” and “improve its image.”…

We Respond & Your Comments

We scratch our heads and ask ourselves “What are these ‘Stewards of the Earth’ hoping to accomplish with divestment of fossil fuel stocks? Would it make any difference to Exxon if every university sold every share?” No.

Here’s what none of these heavy-in-education-but pitifully-light-in-wisdom geniuses has noticed: every time a university sells a share of Exxon, somebody else buys it. All that’s changed is the owner, which has no effect on Exxon. In fact, by divesting, they’re eliminating any influence they might have on the evil entity!

Then we ask if it would make any difference if these Green Crusaders knew their crusade is meaningless. Sadly, we conclude they really don’t care. All they want is to perform the “beau geste” – an act that looks nice, feels good and accomplishes nothing.


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