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Only In Salem!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Oregon-State-CapitalSenate Bill 1533, which, as of this writing, has passed only in the Oregon Senate, would allow cities and counties to impose a construction tax. It’s a favorite of affordable housing advocates.

Here’s these Salem brainiacs’ logic: “We don’t have enough cheap housing. So we’re going to make uncheap housing more expensive by charging more for building permits for cheap and expensive housing, which will make uncheap and cheap housing more expensive. By taking that money and using it to build cheap housing and making all housing more expensive we can make it less expensive.” Got it?


Good News for the New Year! – Issue 110

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Thanks to Lane Co. voters passing the 2013 jail levy the Lane Co. Sheriff’s office has opened 257 additional beds. However, according to the Sheriff’s office, Lane Co.’s population requires another 1,000 beds.


Look Back & Laugh

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

 LaughingHere, thanks to columnist George Will, writing in, we look back at some of the many absurdities of 2015…

An Oregon eighth-grader, whose brother served in Iraq, was suspended for wearing a T-shirt that depicted an empty pair of boots representing soldiers killed in action. The school said the shirt was “not appropriate.”


Help! Can Anybody Translate This for Us

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

We admit it. We need help. So we humbly turn to you, our informed & intelligent readers. Can you translate this for us? It was written by Sidone Smith, Ph.D., Professor of the humanities, Univ. of Michigan in Manifesto for the humanities:

Writing this book, I came to see the new scholar subject as a performative of passionate singularity, hybrid materiality and networked relationality.

This is one sense in which the humanities scholar that is becoming is possibly Posthuman, and a posthumanist scholar. The locus of thinking, for the Prosthetically extendable scholar joined along the currents of networked Relationality, is an ensemble affair…

The Wall Street Journal, February 3, 2016

And for only $43,476 a year you can send your little darling to the University of Michigan – where she can learn these communications skills!