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Business, Not Government, Creates Jobs

Friday, October 21, 2011

How many times have you listened to a politician, whether on TV or in person, and heard him or her say that government will be creating thousands of jobs over the next x number of years?  This is where government officials completely miss the point.  Did you know that in my 10 years as Mayor of Springfield I never once said we are going to create jobs over the next x number of years?

“Why?” you may ask?  Because that is not the role of government.  The role of government should begin with the premise that “We want your business to come into our state/county/city.  Now, what can we do to make you want to do business here?”

Finally, once we’ve attracted you, government’s role is to get the business its permits in an expedited manner.

My goal was to personally meet with the sitting consultant, or possibly an executive of the firm and invite him or her to do business in Springfield/Lane County.  Then I would provide a roadmap for the decision makers showing them how we can quickly and efficiently get them their permits.

My thought was that if we provide this kind of service then jobs and investment will be created.  In ten years while I was Mayor, over $1 billion of private sector investment came to Springfield, bringing with it thousands of new jobs.

Business, not government, creates jobs.  Government, at its best, makes it easy for business to do so.

Article Written By Sid Leiken, Lane County Commissioner and former Mayor of Springfield


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