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Time to “Move On” – To More Taxes

Monday, June 24, 2013

“Budget bargaining at the Legislature has focused too much on cutting retiree pensions and not enough on the other half of the equation — injecting millions of new dollars into education and mental health programs,” Gov. John Kitzhaber said Friday. In a meeting with The Oregonian’s editorial board, the governor said “the conversation has to change,” and he laid out in the greatest detail to date the elements of a deal that he says leaders from both parties are painfully close to striking. He also said the key could lie with Senate Republicans, and in particular their leader, Sen. Ted Ferrioli of John Day. If Ferrioli gives the nod to tax increases that would produce $275 million  in new revenue, he said, the deal is likely to fly. –    The Oregonian, June 7, 2013

Lane Solutions Replies:

That’s right, Governor – It’s time to move on. Let’s get off this crazy PERS-cutting bandwagon and get on with what you really want – more taxes.

We’ve heard enough about cutting this PERS behemoth where the rules are made and enforced by the beneficiaries; where costs are predicted to rise $200 million next year (that’s the cost of 2,224 teachers, Guv); where some make more in retirement than they did working.

Let’s get on with what you wanted all along – a sales tax, higher marginal income tax rates to “tax the rich,” higher corporate taxes and more fees. Let’s scoop more money in so you can shovel it out to the teachers’ union. After all, you don’t get elected by spending less!

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