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We’re From the Government – We’ll Say Whatever We Want

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Salem Statesman Journal March 6, 2014

Over the protracted sobs of her mother and maternal grandmother, a Marion County Circuit Court judge Thursday today found no reason to reverse a decision made in January to reunite a 6-year-old girl with her father (Alfonzo Pantoja) in Mexico…

Grandmother Kerrie Lechuga argued that Pantoja’s Salem police record and a domestic violence conviction made him unfit to parent her granddaughter in a foreign country. Lechuga’s own daughter, Gloria Segura, has an admitted methamphetamine problem, is on parole and does not have custody of “Susana.” The child has been living with a foster family in Salem…

…(Judge Jamese Rhoades) acknowledged that sending the child to live in a foreign country might not seem like a perfect solution, but just because it’s not what the child is accustomed to does not make it unhealthy or unsafe. (emphasis added)

Our Response & Your Comments

Forget that this story touches on immigration. Our point is that government will use any argument to justify what it needs to justify.

Think about the last time you read about why we couldn’t deport a child to another country. The argument probably was “America is all she’s known. She grew up here. She doesn’t speak (insert  language).” Sounds reasonable. How come it doesn’t apply to the little girl in Marion County?

Because “public servants” will say what they need to say – no matter how contradictory.

Remember when ObamaCare would create jobs? Now it’s causing people to lose jobs. But that’s OK – because they’ll be free to write poetry, start a garage band or otherwise “pursue their passions,” say those in charge.

Remember when ObamaCare wasn’t a tax? At least until the Administration saved it by testifying to the Supremes that it was a tax.

Our point – ignore the, uh, “fluid” arguments and use your common sense to decide if a government action is good or bad.


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