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Portland Public Schools superintendent proposes 9 percent staffing increase in ‘reinvestment’ budget

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Beth Nakamura, The Oregonian, Feb. 13, 2014

Portland Public Schools officials plan to increase staffing levels by nearly 9 percent in the next school year under a new budget proposed by Superintendent Carole Smith…

… “This proposal represents a significant reinvestment in Portland’s schools and is my first budget message where we are able to strategically invest without simultaneously cutting programs,” Smith told the board on Monday.

Our Response & Your Comments

Did you ever wonder “What’s the difference between ‘spending’ and ‘investment’?”

Well, here it is: When politicians want to confiscate your money and spend it, they call it “investment.” When they’ve spent all that and want more, they call it “reinvestment.”

To us, “investment” implies some sort of ownership, control over the investment, and an expectation of a rate of return.

When the government, rightly or wrongly, “invests” your money in hiring more people, what exactly do you own? Do you control what they do with your money? How would you measure return on the money you “invested”?

We believe that if you want to truly invest your money, send it to our son in law the stockbroker. He’ll: a) do with it what you tell him to; b) send it back if you want; and  c) not send you to jail if you don’t send him more next year.


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