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FBI Investigating Oregon Obamacare Exchange

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

– The Weekly Standard, May 5, 2014

The Wall Street Journal reports that the feds are investigating the implementation of Cover Oregon, the state of Oregon’s now-defunct health insurance exchange as provided under Obamacare. Here’s an excerpt:

…The FBI has already interviewed some individuals as part of their inquiry, which was first reported by local station KATU and the Portland Oregonian last week…

 …What investigators are looking for is whether or not officials misled the state about the exchange’s problems. “The key challenge facing any prosecutor is proving criminal intent,” the Oregonian explains.” Did state officials paint an inaccurately rosy picture of the struggling health exchange? And if so, did they do so with intent to defraud the federal government? Or were they just unduly optimistic or out of touch with reality?”…

Cover Oregon has been a fiscal and organizational mess from the (sic) its beginning. The earliest sign was the state’s multi-million-dollar ad campaign designed to promote the exchange, before it had even launched. That campaign consisted of costly music videos that seemed to have little to do with health insurance or Cover Oregon.

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