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COLAs coming early for state employees this year

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

– Salem Statesman Journal, June 22, 2014 State employees are getting their cost of living (COLA) increases early this year, thanks to lower health insurance premiums and a clause in the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Council 75 contract. The state has agreed to extend the clause to all state workers…which means paychecks will increase 2 percent, likely starting in September rather than December. The Public Employees Benefits Board voted Tuesday to adopt a new set of insurance premiums for 2015. Those premiums cost less than they did in 2014… That might seem odd to anyone not familiar with how labor contracts are negotiated…

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What’s That You Say?

You didn’t get a cost of living increase this year? Not even an early one that would put more money in your pocket sooner? Maybe if you explained to your boss that you should get an early salary bump because both you and he are paying lower health insurance premiums next year he’d cough up more moolah in your pay envelope this year. But then you don’t work for the exceedingly generous State of Oregon, do you? While this may seem a bit strange, it does help explain why government can never do with less money, but taxpayers always can.


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