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Paid sick-time proposal getting thorough look

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

 – Guest Opinion in the Eugene Register Guard by City Councilor Claire Syrett, June 9, 2014 

Last year it came to my and Councilor Alan Zelenka’s attention that more than 25,000 employees in Eugene’s private sector are working without access to a single paid sick day from work…

Our response was to co-­sponsor a City Council work session to consider an ordinance to create protected earned paid sick time for all workers in Eugene…

Our Response & Your Comments

Your Lane Solutions editors carefully read the proposed paid sick leave ordinance being considered by the Eugene City Council. During a troubled sleep that night they each had the same dream.

In their dream they witnessed an Unnamed City Councilor (“UCC”) from Eugene facing Bob Iger, CEO of The Walt Disney Company, which owns ESPN.

UCC: Bob, you sent Kirk Herbstreit to Eugene to host “College Football Gameday.” You know – you have to keep track of his hours spent here and calculate the sick time he’s accrued.

Mr. Iger: What? We have a contract with Kirk that specifies his paid time off if he’s sick!

UCC: That contract doesn’t work here! You either accrue Kirk’s paid sick time and that of every other Disney employee here and track their hours in Eugene or we’ll haul your *** into court – right here in “TrackTown USA!” Chew on that, Mr. Bigshot!

Mr. Iger: Well, Councilor, since you put it that way you can say goodbye to “College Football Gameday” – or for that matter any ESPN broadcast – ever coming to Eugene again! And by the way, Disney has a lot more lawyers than the City of Eugene. So if you really want to litigate the issue, get ready to write some very big checks.

UCC (to him/herself): Gee, I wish I’d thought of that.

Your editors quickly awoke in a very cold sweat, dreading the consequences of the Eugene Sick Pay Ordinance.


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