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Health tax credit error stings thousands

Thursday, November 13, 2014

  – Gosia Wozniacka, The Associated Press

…Officials with Oregon’s troubled health insurance exchange say thousands of Oregonians could owe money to the federal government because they were given tax credits that were too large…

According to Cover Ore­gon’s in-house analysis, 12,772 tax-­paying households are likely affected by the error. Their tax error ranges from $1 to more than $100 per month…

The errors are due to Cover Oregon using the wrong formula to calculate credits…

Federal Investigation into Cover Oregon Costing Ore. Taxpayers $146K

– Shelby Sebens, GoLocalPDX Reporter

A federal investigation into Cover Oregon, the state’s failed health exchange website, has cost Oregon taxpayers over $146,000 so far. And that figure looks likely to rise….

“The price for two years of gross mismanagement at Cover Oregon keeps adding up, especially because the current administration doesn’t have a problem throwing good money after bad,” Senate Republicans spokesman Michael Gay said…

In addition to the legal fees related to the Cover Oregon investigations, the state could be on the hook for over $1 million in legal fees related to lawsuits with Oracle…

We Respond & Your Comments

Just when we think there’s nothing more to be said and no more Oregon tax dollars to waste on Cover Oregon, guess what? There’s more. It’s like pesky STD that just won’t go away.

Today, Dear Reader, let’s look at Cover Oregon as a perfect example of Liberalism (sorry – we meant “Progressivism”).

Progressivism is founded on the belief that if you can just assemble enough brilliant people who will govern in a rational, disinterested manner, you will achieve Utopia (note: “Utopia” is Greek for “Nowhere”).

Liberalism and central planning never, ever work because: a) humans always have a personal axe to grind that supersedes their logic; b) there are always problems caused by “Oh, I never thought of that”; c) nobody is smart enough to unilaterally make decisions for millions of people; and d) people with power tend to deny all of the above.

And if central planning worked – Cuba would be an economic powerhouse. But it’s not, is it?


One response to “Health tax credit error stings thousands”

  1. Marie E Clark says:

    I have been battling with Cover Oregon since January,2014. It has been a nightmare. Due to miscalculations it has cost me all my savings. In order to get them to go back to recalculate, it was necessary for me to file an appeal. Now I’m having to prove that I was eligible from the start.