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Statement by House Speaker Tina Kotek on Quarterly Economic and Revenue Forecast

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

“…The budget process underway may be impacted by a personal kicker. The investments in our schools and mental health programs which came out of the 2013 special session are the lead factor in the kicker prediction…”

We Respond & Your Comments

 Herewith some questions for Ms. Kotek:

  1. Concerning the “impact” on your “budget process:” Did you ever worry about the “impact” your ever-increasing taxes and fees have on Oregon families’ budget processes?
  2. Regarding your use of the term “investments”: Would you please explain the difference between “investments” and “spending”?
  3. We notice that whenever you want to spend (excuse us, we meant “invest”) more of the money we worked for it’s almost always for schools or something else for “the children.” Yet Oregon is crawling with poor kids. What did you do with all the money that was supposedly for them?

And herewith our guess at Ms. Kotek’s answers:

  1. Why on Earth would I do that?
  2. Huh? Well, It’s …uh…
  3. Ever heard of PERS, knucklehead?

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