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Gee, Mom & Dad – Looked what I learned at UO this year for your $24,405!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bread 101

How five professors teamed-up to create a course exploring the science and culture of bread.

BY BONNIE HENDERSON, BA ’79, MA ’85, Oregon Quarterly

Simple carb. Staff of life. Sacrament, mitzvah, the very body of Christ. Prisoner’s rations. The highest expression of the baker’s art. Irritant, allergen, toxin…No surprise, then, that when five University of Oregon professors…met last year to kick around ideas for an interdisciplinary life science–humanities honors college colloquium organized around one foodstuff or another, bread quickly emerged as the obvious focus…

A Hallmark of Civilization

Jennifer Burns Bright, Literature Scholar and Food Writer…

You’ve heard it said that bread is the staff of life? As a humanist, I seek to investigate that in different ways…

Does it mean that, because we bake bread, we are civilized?…

We Respond & Your Comments

So UO pulled together five profs at a UO average $104,900 each per year to teach kids, according to the eight page syllabus for “Bread 101”, such essentials as “Describe the terroir of wheat/bread” and “Compare and contrast the biodiversity of yeast within a bakery…”

In case you’re wondering why tuition’s skyrocketing and grads can’t get jobs, maybe it’s because kids take doughy courses like this one taught by half a million bucks’ worth of profs.

As part of UO’s quest for academic excellence, we look forward to these advanced courses:

  • Cauliflower, 1066 & the Norman Invasion – A Postmodern Analysis
  • Reconsidered – the Role of Belgian Waffles in the French Revolution
  • Kumquats, Charlemagne & Gender Studies – A Holistic Approach

It’s all gonna look great on these kids’ resumes. Right?


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