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Free community college? Oregon still debating the idea

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

– Taylor W. Anderson, The [Bend] Bulletin

…SALEM — Lawmakers hoping to make community college free for most students got a resounding message from the higher education community during a hearing on the matter Thursday…

Senate Bill 81 was proposed as a way to create a free college degree for low – and middle-income students. The cost to the state is estimated at around $20 million every two years, and aspects of the proposed law could bring in a rush of federal student aid to help carry the program…

Sen. Mark Hass, D-Beaverton, has been leading the proposal since 2013. He said critics aren’t considering the likely gush of federal money that would come as a result of the proposal…

…the free tuition would deplete a [community college] budget that is still crawling back after

being cut deeply during the recession…

We Respond & Your Comments

We know – we’ve said it before. And we’re going to keep reminding our Salem brainiacs: NOTHING IS FREE. Somebody (are you listening, taxpayers?) pays for everything that man creates. The $20 million has to come from somewhere. That would be us.

It “could bring in rush/’gush’ of federal student aid?” The key word is “could.” We “could” win the lottery. Ever notice that when a state politico is trying to sell more spending he tends to suggest that Uncle Sugar’ll pick up the tab?

We all know that if you want more of something, in this case students, – subsidize it. If you want lots more, make it free. Lots more students = lots more cost to taxpayers.

Sen. Haas (Dem – Beaverton) may believe that “free” tuition is a great idea. He also knows that his “generosity” will turn into votes from students and their parents. It’s up to us to demand that we’re told the true cost of this before $20 million turns into $40 million turns into $60 million and yet another failed government program.




One response to “Free community college? Oregon still debating the idea”

  1. Jcml says:

    It sure is a “feel good” idea. But until Oregon school systems (K-12) can provide an education to children that allows them to enroll in a community college without needing at least a year of remedial classes – good luck on getting any tax dollars from me !

    Too much time/money is being spent on English as a Second Language!!!! With a population that has no desire to learn English. Just make everyone learn Spanish from kindergarten on. The school system is still providing lessons in all Spanish for High School students that have been here since 1st grade. I have 2 grandson who have made it through High School, thus I speaking from experience with the kids in the neighborhood who went through school with them !

    I grew up in CA in the mid – to late 1950’s. Also experienced non-English speaking kids at school. The goal of their parents (mostly University students) was that the kids learn enough English to be able to get a good education while they were in the United States. Everyone enjoyed teaching/helping them learn English – Teachers and classmates.

    The MAIN difference was the desire to learn English and teach their language / customs to us.