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Oregon Legislators Discover, Rush to Eradicate Emergency

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What? You missed the emergency? No, it’s not our home team – “The Salem Spendthrifts” – running out of money to tell owners how to run their businesses. It’s not even running short of your bucks to fund another “green energy” boondoggle.

No – This time it’s a shortfall of “Cyber-Excellence.” But Senator Floyd Prozanski and other Salem braniacs, ever scrounging for problems in search of expensive solutions, have sponsored House Bill 2996 A, which establishes the “Oregon Center for Cyber-Excellence.” It will, among other essential tasks, “…conduct biennial performance review[s] of investments…” Hey, Floyd – we can do that with a handheld calculator.

Prozanski and his profligate pals labeled their bill an “emergency” so that it can’t be referred to us idiot voters, who might not want to blow $2,500,654 on yet another technical money-eater. Cover Oregon 2.0, anyone?

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