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Thursday, May 19, 2016

AG Rosenblum and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Launch Managing Someone Else’s Money Guides for Oregonians

Free, Plain-language Guides Designed to Help Financial Caregivers Understand Their Fiduciary Duties
Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum today joined the Consumer Protection Financial Bureau (CFPB) to launch the CFPB’s Managing Someone Else’s Money, Oregon-specific guides for financial caregivers. The guides will help caregivers, particularly those who handle the finances of older Oregonians, carry out their duties and responsibilities in managing someone else’s money…

    – Democratic Party of Oregon Newsroom

We Respond & Your Comments

Taking financial advice from any “Progressive” Oregon official strikes us as about as crazy as taking medical advice from Dr. Kevorkian. Let’s review how Salem’s done “Managing Someone Else’s Money” – ours:

  • Cover Oregon losses – $300 million
  • Columbia River Crossing losses – $175 million
  • PERS investment losses, 2015 – $20 million

Then there’s the Oregon Energy Dept. – $20 million scorched in bad loans to green energy nutbars. Oregon Treasurer Ted Wheeler opines on this mess: “It’s in trouble.” Thank you, Captain Obvious. Yo, Ted – did it ever occur to you that these greenies only came to you because there wasn’t a bank in the world that would risk their own money on a loan to them?

So now Ted and his merry band in Salem want to teach us how to manage Gramma’s nest egg?



  1. Your golden fleece awards are just stupid . They are presented out of the context that might explain them. Taking a broader view
    might help us to know how such expenditures came about. They ARE in response to some one or group or official request.
    Who are they?
    Are you unaware of how government works?
    The awards are whiney and unhelpful. So much of the media seems content to be whiney and in attack mode.