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From WHO WILL PAY THE [Measure 97] TAX?

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Only the largest corporations doing business in Oregon — C corporations with more than $25 million in Oregon sales — will pay the new minimum tax. In fact, a report by the Legislative Revenue Office shows that 85% of the revenue raised by the measure will be paid by corporations with more than $100 million in Oregon sales. These are some of the largest corporations in the world.

The vast majority of the more than 400,000 active businesses in Oregon will be unaffected by this measure. In fact, less than one quarter of 1% of all businesses operating in the state will see their taxes go up…

We Respond & Your Comments

Gee, that’s not so bad, is it? Only those big, evil, greedy corporations would pay Measure 97 taxes. Right? Anyway, it’s “for the children.” Sounds pretty good – stick it to a corporation and get free stuff for the kiddies! What’s wrong with that?

Plenty’s wrong. According to Fred Thompson, director of the Willamette Center for Governance and Public Policy Research, “The 1,000 corporations directly affected by Measure 97 employ 40 percent of the state’s business labor force, [and] account for…over half of its private-sector wages.”

You mean those dastardly corporations hire people? Who would have thought it? Certainly not the “Yes on 97” gang.

As for the “vast majority” of Oregon businesses being “unaffected” by Measure 97 –  more on that later.


One response to “From WHO WILL PAY THE [Measure 97] TAX?”

  1. Richard. says:

    This will be just like measures 56 and 57, you said nothing would change, Costco and all the other grocery stores in Oregon followed by raising prices The consumer are the ones that are going to suffer here as usual