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Gov. Brown proposes budget with series of cuts, tax and fee hikes

Thursday, December 15, 2016

By Taylor W. Anderson, The [Bend] Bulletin

SALEM — Gov. Kate Brown today released her proposed budget that bridges a $1.8 billion budget deficit through a series of tax hikes and by asking lawmakers to give state agencies about $1 billion less than what they say they need to meet rising costs.

Still, the proposal would lead to state spending that at $20.6 billion would be about 9 percent above what lawmakers agreed to spend in the current, two-year budget that ends July 1, 2017…

We Respond & Your Comments

Make no mistake – Guv Kate. is outraged at these “cuts.”  “The budget includes significant cuts at a level I find absolutely unacceptable,” she declared in a presser.

Of course they’re “unacceptable.” That’s because government can never do with less money. You can. We can. But government? Puleeeze. We don’t suppose she saved a morsel of righteous outrage over the 9 percent increase in spending.

Herewith some predictions about the coming months:

  • You’ll hear liberals bleating about “investing” in this or that program;
  • You’ll learn that most every program must be fully funded because it’s “For the children;”
  • You’ll hear increasingly hysterical calls for evil corporations and greedy rich Oregonians to pay “Their fair share.”

And did we mention that Kate wants to bond out another half billion bucks? $300 million would go for home loans to people banks won’t lend to. Haven’t we seen this movie before?


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