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The path forward after Measure 97’s defeat (Opinion)

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Chuck Sheketoff,

…The measure’s defeat could not come at a worse time, as Oregon stares at a $1.4 billion shortfall for the upcoming budget period.

While corporations as a group are getting away with paying little in income taxes, we have no way of knowing which corporations are the worst tax avoiders, and which tax loopholes they use to pay nothing — or next to nothing — in taxes. Right now, that information is not public…

The other top priority in the 2017 session is for lawmakers to muster the will to raise new revenue…

Even opponents of Measure 97, such as former Gov. John Kitzhaber, acknowledge that “corporate Oregon can afford to contribute quite a bit more to support” schools and other key public services….

Ultimately, it is up to lawmakers to move forward with a plan that indeed asks large corporations to pay “quite a bit more.” …

Chuck Sheketoff is executive director of the Oregon Center for Public Policy.

We Respond & Your Comments

Dear Mr. Sheketoff:

We have a few questions based on your guest editorial:

  • If corporate tax information “is not public”, how on Earth do you and disgraced Ex Guv Kitz know that they’re “getting away with paying little in income taxes,” or that they “can afford to contribute quite a bit more…”? The short answer is: You don’t.
  • Are you aware that “new revenue” will go straight to PERS benefits? How does that help little Johnny and Suzie learn to read better?
  • Since when are moneys confiscated under threat of imprisonment labeled “contributed”?

We eagerly await your response.


The Editors, Lane Solutions


One response to “The path forward after Measure 97’s defeat (Opinion)”

  1. Tom Slocum says:

    So, reduce the budget. Cut, cut, cut!