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House Democrats need Republicans for solutions to Oregon’s problems: Editorial

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

By The Oregonian Editorial Board 

Democratic legislators in the lopsided House of Representatives don’t need Republican votes to get what they want this session. Aside from bills to raise revenue, the Democrats can accomplish much on their agenda with a simple majority, something they handily own with the party’s 35-25 dominance in the House…

… good legislation is not created in echo chambers. The strongest policies emerge only after a process of challenging assumptions, debating impacts and negotiating compromises that address the problems while limiting unintended consequences…

One-party rule doesn’t serve Oregonians well no matter which party is in charge. It doesn’t promote rigorous debate that considers the fiscal impacts as well as the social benefits of public spending…

We Respond & Your Comments

Our point here isn’t that Democrats need Republicans or vice versa.

It’s that our Founding Fathers built a system based on slowing down change (including legislation) and doing the hard work of governing.

Governing means engaging in negotiation that leads to a compromise leaving both sides with equity in legislation. Leave one side closed out and you’ve created a group that wants nothing more than to undo what the other side crammed down their throats.

Each side needs to remember that it won’t be in power forever. And when the outs become the ins they’re salivating to a) dismantle the other side’s agenda and b) do a little cramming of their own.

Our Founders’ system works when it’s used. Let this be a warning to any party in power. Because power is always temporary.


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