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Democrats face business opposition to family leave bill

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Written by Paris Achen, Portland Tribune 

…SALEM — A bill to require 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave would bring Oregon up to the living standards of most other developed nations but represents another financial setback to the state’s business community, said speakers at a hearing…

While many businesses support and offer family and medical leave, the bill is overreaching, said Betsy Earls of Associated Oregon Industries…

The legislation “creates conditions that would make it costly and difficult for businesses — especially small ones — to plan and manage their operations,” Earls said.

The bill, sponsored by four House Democrats, would require a mandatory ½ percent deduction from employees’ pay. Employers would be required to contribute an equal amount. The money would go to a paid leave insurance program administered by the Oregon Department of Business and Consumer Services…

We Respond & Your Comments

First it was mandatory unpaid family leave. Now it’s 12 weeks of paid leave. And 18 weeks at 90% of salary for a new baby. Next it will be 18 weeks for all because it’s just not fair that someone caring for a sick mother should get less than someone with a baby.

Then it’ll be 100% of pay for parents of newborns because babies are expensive and it’s just not fair to burden them with a pay cut.

Then 100% of salary for anyone on family leave because it’s not fair….you get the point.

Here’s the takeaway: Liberals never stop with the last demand, which was only a platform for launching the next one.

A famous ‘60s Hippy radical reportedly screeched, “When they meet our demands we’ll just make 12 more. And when they meet those – another 12.”

Folks, that’s Liberalism. The solution? Fight their first demands.


One response to “Democrats face business opposition to family leave bill”

  1. rob freres says:

    expect the money to be swept up for other purposes during budget shortfalls..