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Which Is the Monster? Tax limitations, or the taxes they limit

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A City Club of Portland research panel has concluded that property tax limitation Ballot Measures 5, 47, and 50 have created a “Frankentax” monster that is “slowly but surely wreaking havoc upon its creators and their communities in ways they might not yet realize.”…

So-called government revenue “losses” from property tax limitations are also “gains” to taxpayers who pay less than they otherwise would―in some cases enough less to keep from losing their homes…

– Steve Buckstein, Cascade Policy Institute, November 13, 2013

Lane Solutions Responds and Leave Your Comments

We give a loud, enthusiastic “Hooray” and a tip of the Lane Solutions hat to Mr. Buckstein.

Most people who talk about a “tax loss” to the government believe that the government has first call on every dollar you earn and that anything that they, in their magnanimity, allow you to keep is a “loss” to the ever demanding, ever growing blob called government. These people generally work for the government, or are slopping up at the federal or state trough and really believe that any money you keep is a loss to them.

On a deeper level they believe that the government is better at allocating resources than are private markets. If this were true, North Korea and Cuba would be economic powerhouses. Instead, they’re economic basket cases that regularly go hat in hand to America (North Korea) or the about to be basket case Venezuela (Cuba).

So we say “Right on,” Steve and the rest of Cascade Policy Institute! Keep getting the message out.