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Oregon needs to limit campaign contributions

Thursday, April 2, 2015

By Floyd Prozanski and Lee Beyer

For The Register-Guard

The costs of political campaigns are skyrocketing, blocking out the voices of everyday Oregonians. That is why we believe the Legislature needs to pass campaign finance reform…

The lack of contribution limits gives far more power and influence to those who can write massive campaign checks— businesses and wealthy individuals who don’t necessarily represent the needs of Oregon’s working families…

That is why Gov. Kate Brown, when she was secretary of state, supported the introduction of Senate Joint Resolution 5 in this legislative session. SJR 5 is a constitutional amendment that would authorize citizens and the Legislature to establish campaign contribution limits for Oregon…The absence of contribution limits has been a significant problem in Oregon…

Passing SJR 5 is one of the best ways to ensure that our citizen-based Legislature remains responsive to all people, regardless of income or background…

 We Respond & Your Comments

We’re touched by this Oregon Senate tag team’s concern for “working families” and their commitment to being “responsive to all people.” We know they’re just out to protect “the little guy.” Right?

But then our cynical natures make us ask “What do these guys have in common?”

Together with five other Democrat legislators who signed on to this touching plea they’re all…incumbents. What do incumbents want most? To get reelected.

Do you think they know that the best way to get reelected is to be…an incumbent?

Think they know that over the last 50 years an average of 80% of Federal Senate and House incumbents (and often 90%) have been reelected?

They do know that “campaign finance reform” just makes it harder for challengers to raise as much money as incumbents because incumbency brings with it name recognition and power.

That’s why campaign finance reform laws are often called “incumbency protection laws.” But we know Floyd and Lee just want to give “the little guy” a “voice.” Right.


One response to “Oregon needs to limit campaign contributions”

  1. Richard White says:

    Prozanski I think he would sell a family member into slavery to advance his beliefs.
    He thinks he is too important to have to answer any e-mails sent to him and treats the people who pays his salary with distain.
    I do not know Beyer but if he runs with Prozanski that speaks volumes for his character.
    From me , they will get nothing.