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What Sacrifices are They Willing to Make?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

 Jeff Wright, The Register-Guard

In an unprecedented letter, all 16 Lane County public school district superintendents on Thursday asked Lane County legislators to reject the “woefully inadequate” K-12 school funding budget proposed for the state’s 2015-17 biennium.

The letter was released on the same day that the Legislature’s Ways and Means Committee approved a $7.3 billion spending plan in a party-line vote. The two-year budget proposal would be a 9 percent increase in state aid for schools.

The Lane County superintendents’ letter contends that schools in Oregon “need at least $7.5 billion to add full-day kindergarten and remain stable with current programs and class sizes…

We Respond & Your Comments

OK, Mr.  & Mrs. Superintendents, we hear your desperate cry for a 9% increase on top of the $1 billion increase you got last year.

And to the many teachers who echo your deep concern we respond “We feel your pain.”

Now we have just one question for these dedicated educators who would have us sacrifice more of our earnings “for the children”: How much of your PERS benefits are you willing to sacrifice “for the children”?

We eagerly await your response.


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