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Our Salem Tycoons

Monday, June 22, 2015

Of 90 members of the Oregon Legislative Assembly, not even half have run a business. But they think their inexperience qualifies them to tell Oregon businesspeople how to run theirs.

The legislative agenda of these Donald Trump wannabees includes Senate Bill 454, which mandates that all businesses with 10 or more employees give paid sick leave to every one of them, even if they’re part time. Economic analysis reveals a $2 billion cost per year for businesses.

Then there’s House Bill 2960, which sets up a state run retirement savings program for employees without one. Employers, at their expense, would deduct contributions from employees’ salaries and pass them on to the state, which would run it (Cover Oregon, anyone?).

When PERS crashes on the rocks of financial reality would our Salem whizbangs raid this new retirement fund to save PERS?

When you give power to a crowd that wouldn’t know a payroll if it bit them and who sees business as a cash cow mooing to be milked to pay for a “Progressive” agenda – this is what you get.


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