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New PSU analysis delivers kinder verdict on corporate tax measure

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

 By Saul Hubbard, The Register-Guard

A newly released analysis of Initiative Petition 28, a $3 billion-a-year corporate tax increase that will be on the statewide November ballot, paints a rosier picture of the measure’s impacts than a… report from the nonpartisan ­Legislative Revenue Office.

The new report…by Portland State University’s Northwest Economic Research Center, estimates that IP 28 would cause fewer private-sector job losses and more public-­sector job gains in its first five years than what the ­legislative ­report projected.

PSU’s study…estimates the state would lose 17,000 private-­sector jobs and gain 30,000 government jobs…while the legislative report puts private-sector job losses at 38,000 and public-­sector job gains at 18,000…

Our Oregon, an advocacy group backed by public employee unions that is spearheading IP 28, paid $45,000 to commission the PSU study…

We Report & You Respond

As the kids would say, TOTALLY AWESOME! Let’s pop the corks! If Petition 28 passes we’re only gonna lose 17,000 private sector jobs! What could be better? Wait…we all know what’s better: 30,000 new government employees. And higher consumer prices as businesses pass tax increases along to us! Yeah, that’s the ticket!

And think of the goodies we’ll get from these 30,000 newbees :

  • New regulations
  • New departments that need new managers, assistants & lawyers
  • New buildings to house them
  • New taxes to pay for them

Once again we’re reminded that government can never make do with the money it has – but you always can. In fact, you can do with less.


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