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From WHO WILL PAY THE [Measure 97] TAX?

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The vast majority of the more than 400,000 active businesses in Oregon will be unaffected by this measure …

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“This measure” refers to Measure 97 which, if passed by Oregonians this November, will levy a 2.5% tax on gross revenue over $25 million earned in Oregon by “C ” class Oregon corporations, which are those taxed separately from their owners.

Here’s how, according to a local CEO, her small retail operation will be affected:

  • She buys a shipment of oranges from a grower
  • Next she sends it to a processor
  • Then she has it packaged

If all these vendors are subject to the Measure 97 tax, each will pay a tax of 2.5% on the money our retailer pays them. When they all pass this new cost along to her she’s looking at a 7.5% increase in cost of goods.

She’s also expecting, thanks to Measure 97, similar increases in utility, phone and many other bills.

The “vast majority” of Oregon businesses will be “unaffected” by Measure 97? Not on your life.


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