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About Measure 97

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

…Measure 97 will make large and out-of-state corporations with more than $25 million in Oregon sales pay their fair share…

By making large corporations like Monsanto, and Bank of America pay their fair share…

  • Vote Yes on 97

We Respond & Your Comments

Everybody knows that if the Seahawks sneak a 12th man onto the field it’s not “fair.” That’s because people agreed to make a  rule against it.

But caterwauling about individuals or companies not paying their “fair share” of taxes is meaningless – because if you ask 12 people what a “fair share” is, you’re liable to get 13 opinions.

To Liberals, “fair share” just means a bigger share of somebody else’s money. It’s that simple.

So let’s declare an end to the use of “fair” unless we’ve agreed on rules stating what’s fair and what’s not.


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