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Debunking Oregon’s glowing job growth

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Dr. Eric Fruits
Oregon Economist

For much of the past year, economists employed by the State of Oregon have described the state’s employment growth as running at “full throttle.”…

The dictionary, however, says that to throttle means to choke.

More recently, Oregon employment is showing signs of choking. At 5.4 percent, the state’s unemployment is the 15th highest in the U.S. and one-half of a percentage point higher than the national unemployment rate….

Much of the doom, however, is self-imposed by Oregon policies that choke off job opportunities.

In July, Oregon began its march toward steep increases in the state’s minimum wage. The state forecasts 40,000 fewer jobs by 2025 because of the wage hike.

On top of that, Oregon voters will decide whether to pass Measure 97, a $3 billion tax on sales in the state. The state’s Legislative Revenue Office predicts that 38,400 private sector jobs will disappear if the measure passes…

Then, on top of that, Oregon legislators are promising to pass laws making it more difficult for employers to schedule their workers’ shifts…

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The only thing we’d add is a suggestion that you print this out, put it in your wallet/purse and read it again right before you vote.


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