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Income tax increase for homeowner’s bill up today — House Bill 2771

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon,

… the House Revenue Committee will be hearing an income tax increase bill for homeowners -House Bill 2771.  House Bill 2771 phases out allowances of itemized deductions for homeowners. This bill raises taxes on any homeowner who earns more than $50,000. For higher income earners this bill eliminates entirely one’s deduction for property taxes. This is a steep income tax increase for most Oregon homeowners.

The bill has no author. The politician who created this bill has remained anonymous.

The bill is also missing the 3/5th majority requirement for tax increases…   This amounts to a naked violation of the state constitution…

We Respond & Your Comments

As we said above – Oregon’s $1.8 billion budget hole isn’t the result of taxpayers not paying enough. It’s the result of our “Progressive” Legislature spending (and here we apologize to drunken sailors) like drunken sailors.

HB 2771 is one of the first fiscal assaults on Oregonians who are just trying to earn a living. There will be many more as our one party government slops up at the trough filled with your tax dollars.

Always remember our Legislature’s motto: “Government can never do with less money. Taxpayers always can.”


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