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Oregon legislators from Lane County area focus on pet projects and peeves in upcoming Salem session

Thursday, April 6, 2017

By Saul Hubbard, The Register Guard

Sen. Lee Beyer, Democrat, Senate District 12: Springfield –

Beyer wants to try to curb rising hospital costs with a new governor-appointed commission that would monitor and approve the prices hospitals charge patients…

Senate Bill 419 would require hospital rates for any service to be approved by the commission, unless the price is less than two times what a Medicare patient would be charged…

To charge more, hospitals would need the commission’s approval…

[ Beyer said hospitals] “have to make a reasonable profit.”

We Respond & Your Comments

That’s a terrific idea, Lee! What we need is a new commission made up of Progressives whose idea of “progress” is a bunch of “experts” deciding what a “reasonable” profit is and steering as much of it as they can to the next “Beyer For Senate” campaign. That’s the kind of central planning we love!


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